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Ansys Maxwell

    • Norrick Bagas

      Hey !!!
      I am new to Ansys Maxwell
      I have a question about ansys maxwell
      I found that Torque from RMxpart menu is different with the Torque from 2D/3D
      The maximum torque from RMxpart is 125 Nm and The maximum torque from 2D/3D design is about 5 Nm
      My question is why is the torque from RMxpart is different with the torque from 2D/3D design?

    • Timos
      Ansys Employee


      In order to simulate the motor on maximum torque, you should implement the additional torque as a load on the rotor (Tload = Tproduced).

      In order to obtain more information, please visit : Ansys Electronics 2022 R2 - Using the initial mechanical transient setup by RMxprt ( Maxwell Help > RMxprt Help > Post Processing and Generating Reports in RMxprt > Using the initial mechanical transient setup by RMxprt)

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee


      Hi Norrick,

      Did you observe the X-axis of both the graphs from Maxwell and Rmxprt?

      RMXprt plot is the torques vs. speed graph with a full range of speed values. Whereas Maxwell performs the single-point analysis with the angular velocity set during the motion setup. i.e., 5Nm torque corresponds to the Speed assigned in the motion setup.

      If you drew a horizontal line on the RMXprt plot at 5 Nm it should match closely with the corresponding speed that you set on the Maxwell setup.




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