ANSYS Maxwell 18 – Why Ke coefficient drops to 0? – Core Loss Model


    • ddcan

      Greetings to all ANSYS Maxwell community,

    • icellb1
      Ansys Employee
      Hi,ddcan,nNote that in Maxwell Ke means the coefficient for excessive loss not eddy current loss. The discrepancy between core loss Maxwell and your tested core loss could be due to other reasons:n1. Very often your tested core loss (density) may not even match the datasheet core loss (density) due to different measurement method or equipment. So, even if the core loss in maxwell matches the datasheet, they may not match your test results. n2. If your lab tested core loss (density) completely matches the datasheet, then that means the curve fitting in maxwell core loss section was not well performed. You can see from the graph on the right side of the BP curve window how well the curve fitting goes. Since you have curves for 4 frequencies, you can try core loss at one frequency and core loss versus frequency, use different combinations of BP curves under different frequencies to see which gives you overall best curve fit to the imported BP dataset. nBy the way, ansys employees are not allowed to click into non-displaying figure. Please choose upload image rather than attach files.n
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