ANSYS Maxwell – Losses not realistic in inductor

    • Kili

      Hi everyone, I'm trying to simulate the losses in an inductor, I got a dataset as current excitations that came from an Excel file, here it is :

      As you can see, a maximum peak current is reach a first time at 25 us so the maximum losses should also be at this moment.

      When looking at my Solid Loss results, I got this graph :

      I don't understand why the maximum losses are reach at another moment. If anyone has an idea, maybe a problem in the setup analysis ? Thank you

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Kili,

             1). Could you check if you have other solid losses except for the inductor? Solidloss is total solid loss in the model.

             We could check eddy effect, or integrate Ohmicloss in the inductor object in field calculator.

             2). Addtionally, this solid loss would include the AC loss. Do you check if you have big AC effect on the inductor? The AC loss would not be proportional to I^2. Thanks.


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