Ansys Maxwell returs zero induced voltage in a coil when the coil is moving

    • fernandezalodaniel
      Hello, I am simulating an axial flux permanent magnet machine. When the moving part is the one that contains the magnets, the induced voltage is as expected, works correctly. However, if the magnets remain stationary and I force the coils to move, no voltage is induced. Does anyone know why?
      I have checked and the terminals moves correctly, as the windings move. See the picture of the model.The type of analysis is Magnetic Transient in both cases

      Thank you in advance.

      Axial Flux PM machine
    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @fernandezalodaniel,

      Can you share some screenshots of how you set up the band and motion set up in both the conditions?




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