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Ansys Mechanical APDL 2021 R2 crashes when applying load

    • NCSU_Ansys

      Software crashes when trying to apply loads using the steps below

      Preprocessor>Loads>Define Loads>Apply>Structural>Force/Moment>On Key Points> Select a point > apply

      FX > Apply as Constant value >Value = 1 > apply

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee
      Unfortunately this is an issue with the MAPDL UI in 2021 R2 - please use the F or FK command instead to apply load:


      applies a nodal load to all selected nodes in the x direction of 1 N.

      or FK,1,FX,1

      applies a load to keypoint 1 in the x direction of 1 N.
      All the best

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