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Ansys Mechanical APDL freezes by requesting any inforamtion from the Main Menu

    • Silke


      I started working with Ansys Classic just some days ago. It worked fine and I already created some basic models.

      Since this morning the programm freezes every time I request any kind of information from the main menu.

      For example, I just defined three element types and I wanted to check them under Preprocessor>Element Type> Add/Edit/Delet. As soon as I try to open that list the program freezes and I can only close it through the Task manager.

      I also saw, that a "cleanup-ansys-PCName-No." batch file is created. I'm not sure if that's normal or not, but I haven't noticed those files before the problem occured.

      I restarted the PC, I uninstalled Ansys and installed it again but it's still the same problem.

      Maybe I have to mention that windows requested a reboot this morning for some updates. Maybe that could be a reason?

      I would be very happy to get some help with this!!

      (I downloaded the student version 2019 R2.)

      Thanks in advance 


    • Pavlina Kruzikova


      This is a long shot since it has been a while since your post, but did you find a solution to this? I'm having the same issue.

      Thank you, Pavlina

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