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ANSYS Mechanical Archive vs. Project

    • Paul Hutson

      Hello, I am fairly familiar with using archives since it lets me upload a single smaller file to a server instead of needing both the .wbpj and its associated folder. 

      I typically don't have to pull an archive back down and make adjustments / rerun, but when I do, I simply start by saving the opened archive file as a new project and then continue. A friend of mine asked if running an archive that he updated was better than saving it as a project file first and then running it, and I honestly thought archives couldn't just be updated and run (since I never explored it). But he showed me that he could run the Mechanical study after making changes in his archive, and then when saving it simply asked if he wanted to replace his archive or make a copy.. When hitting "Save" it didn't request he save it as a wbpj first or anything (which is the only option when you use "Save As") it simply allowed wbpz...

      So with all that said, would there be any downside to working entirely out of an archive file? Is it that the save process would ask to replace or create a copy every time, whereas it doesnt when in a wbpj...? Or something else that I'm not thinking of?

      Any info on this is appreciated since I thought rerunning archives and saving them as updated archives (without the need for a project) wasn't an option, but I guess it is.



    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee

      A project archive, .wbpz is simply a Zip file of Project.wbpj and associated folders, and optionally input files and or results. 

      You can rename the .wbpz to .zip and extract using any compression utility. 


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