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Ansys Mechanical – Can’t clear previous mesh refinement

    • Anders_Skovlund

      Hi, I'm working in Ansys Mechanical 2019 R3 and I'm trying to remove a mesh refinement that is defined by Contact sizing.

      I have a frictional contact that is applied at several parts called sliding pads (see figure 2).

      I have suppressed half of the parts (see figure 4) , and thus updated the scoping attachment for the frictional contact to only include the remaining parts (figure 2).

      Still, the mesh density is increased in the areas that no longer have any contact defined (Figure 3).

      Before remeshing I'm clearing the mesh using "Clear Generated Data"

      I have also tried to delete both the frictional contact and the contact sizing and then creating them from scratch but this doesn't solve the issue.

      Only if I delete the contact sizing the mesh refinement is cleared but I still need the mesh refinement at the remaining contacts.

      The project I'm working on is a duplicate of another project but I guess that shouldn't matter? (Figure 1)

      It seems like there is some data/info somewhere that is not cleared when the parts are suppressed but I'm not sure if that is what's causing the issue...

      Any help would be appreciated :)

      Figure 1. This the project schematic:

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      ,nCould you try deleting the contacts (only the ones with are creating a problem) altogether and redefine it?nRegards,nIshan. n
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