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Ansys mechanical contact and mesh issues..

    • murat.baykan


      1-) When I make change contacts all mesh are gone. Is there any way to prevent it? I am working in a big model and  everytime i need to re-mesh model.

      2-) I prefer to work part by part. When i finished to work one part after got a solution, then unsuppress another part in design modeler and open mechanical again, i can not get a result just for previous part which was already solved once (by suppressing last uptaded part). Always facing contact problems. But i have done before without problems. By the way auto contact genereation is already closed.


      Any help thanks in advancce.

    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hello murat.baykan,
      Considering your concern, I did try the 1st point on Ansys 2022 R2 for a complex geometry with over 55 parts and 120 contacts but did not face the issue. I tried scoping different faces, changing the type of contact, suppressing the contact and defining a new manually scoped contact region.
      Could you please elaborate on what you mean by changing the contact?

      I do understand your working method, but unfortunately, when you update the part in the design modeler and accept to update the analysis system, the analysis gets refreshed. You might want to try a sub-modeling method which is an efficient approach for getting the results for individual parts, this ensures you have the results for all.
      If you're updating the mesh and your contacts are set to default or not getting detected, try changing the contact tolerance or refining the mesh, as contact integration points on which the contacts are being detected are mesh-dependent.
      And again if you update the Design Modeler/Discovery/ SpaceClaim geometries and wish to update the analysis system, the mesh and connections are reset.

      For more information on the Sub-modeling approach, please find the following resource-

      ">Performing Submodeling in Ansys Mechanical - YouTube

      Hope this helps.
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