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Ansys Mechanical – Get temperature during simulation

    • SpeedyG

      Hey all,

      i'm running a coupled-field transient (structural/thermal) simulation in Ansys Mechanical Workbench.

      i want to apply a thermal boundary condition via APDL Code that depends on the current temperature at specific nodes.

      Is there any way to extract the node temperature during the simulation for each substep?

      Using the *GET command will not work here since it is a post-processing command, correct?

      thank you for your help!

      Kind regards

    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee
      You can use *GET command for DOF results like temperature even in SOLU module. You may need to run in SMP mode (i.e. cannot use distributed solver).
      But you can also use TABLE loads where the load is a function of temperature. You can see this documented in the basic analysis guide under loading. The table arrays are documented also in Ansys Parametric Design Language guide.
    • SpeedyG
      Thanks for your answer!
      I've tried the method with TABLE loads but i'm still having some troubles. The boundary condition does not seem to have any effect. Here is a more detailed description of what i want to do.
      My model develops heat through a frictional contact. I want to apply a convection boundary condition, where the film coefficient is temperature dependent. Therefore i want the film coefficient to be updated throughout the simulation.
      This is my attempt for the implementation of the temperature dependent film coefficient:
      h_st(1,0) = 70,150
      h_st(1,1) = 1974,3883


      It seems that the film coefficient is determined at the beginning and then remains constant throughout the calculation. Since the component temperature and the temperature of the enviroment are the same at the beginning, the boundary condition has no influence.
      Is there a way to update the film coefficient over the simulation or am I doing something wrong?

      Thanks for your answers!
      Kind regards
    • SpeedyG
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