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General Mechanical

ANSYS Mechanical not starting

    • Vivek Kurup

      Hi, I am unable to open the model in mechanical. I get the following error.   

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Vivek,

      This error occurs mostly when a file is corrupt. Can you try using a new project and then see if the issue occurs again?

      You can also recover the corrupted project via the .mechdb files:

      In your project folder, there should be an SYS.mechdb file for each Analysis object that was on the schematic ( the location for .mechdat is indicated in error message). - Make a copy of SYS.mechdb to another folder Rename the copy to SYS.mechdat Create a new Project. File > Import change the extension filter to .MECHDAT Browse to the SYS.mechdat and open. Save the project to a new name/folder when you are done. 

      Also, please avoid having spaces in the file name. This may sometimes cause errors.


      Ashish Khemka



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