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General Mechanical

ANSYS Mechanical RDOF Calculation

    • Sbr_Ayydız


      I try to do a hormonic analysis of two beam they are connected in plane. Since I want to system have 2 translational (x and z) and 1 rotational (rot y) freedom of nodes, I used beam elements and used nodal displacement and rotation properties to constrain the model.

      I connect two beams by spring elemets via their vertex (direct attachment). Since i want to measure the RDOF-y

      • I created remote points on both 2 vertex
      • I used the below command to obtain RDOF- y

      *cfopen,'hjxkQ_rot_y_FRF_A','txt'         ! create a text file

      *do, i, 1, 5000                ! the solutions intervalls from the analysis settings




      *vwrite, my_freq, my_rot_y





      So i wonder that is the way true or not ? are the results reliable?

    • Sbr_Ayydız
      Pls, helpn
    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee
      The script appears to be correct. I dont see any issue in the script.n
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