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ANSYS Mechanical rescales dimensions of imported geometry

    • sheamiddleton

      I'm very new to ANSYS, so I apologize if this is a basic question. 


      I am trying to import an assembly into ANSYS Workbench 2019 R3 from Mimics 3-matic. However, ANSYS keeps rescaling the dimensions of this assembly, making simulation impossible.


      The file I am opening is a .cdb file with two parts, both volume mesh bodies. I open it using external model with units set to Metric (kg, mm...) because the assembly is only 60 mm long. I run the setup module in External Model to the Model box in Mechanical Model. The dimensions are correct in this model. In addition to the Units for the project being set to the earlier Metric(kg, mm...) scale, the Length Unit field in the Properties of this model are set to mm.


      I then connect the Model to the Geometry file in a Static Structural system. When I open the Geometry module, I see that the area measurements in Spaceclaim are far too large (though the units are still mm). This can be confirmed when I open the Model section of the Static Structural model. In this module, even though the units are still mm, the dimensions have been all scaled up. For example, the length of the assembly is now 80m when converted instead of the desired value of 80mm. 


      In the Geometry module, I do nothing except move the assembly to the origin of the global coordinate system and make some Named Selections; nothing to do with resizing the model. Even if I do absolutely nothing in the Geometry section, the same problem arises. As far as I know, I haven't messed with any other settings that could be changing the dimensions like this. This problem is persistent when starting a new project or reimporting the .cdb file.


      Additionally, if I set the Length Unit field in the first Model in the Mechanical Model to be "m" instead of "mm", I get a similar issue. The assembly is 0.08mm long in the Model in Static Structural instead of 80mm like I wanted, or 80m like it was earlier. If I do it in cm, the final length is 800mm. Similar disrespecancies also appear in Spaceclaim.


      Does anyone know how to fix this issue with ANSYS automatically resizing a model when I don't want it to? I would really appreciate it, this seems like a silly thing to be stuck on but I can't figure out how to fix it.



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