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General Mechanical

ansys mechanical, solution tab, space claim, partioning

    • kaitova

      Hello dear community,

      I am again with my questions.

      Could you please explain

      1. if the project is still open but WB(ansys mechanical) was closed by itself, why changes made in WB (ansys mechanical) were not saved? I hoped that they at least will be saved in the project itself

      2. I have issues with partitioning, I need to partition for bolted connection, but for some reason while projecting, it is projected to another face located in front and it is projected with an angle, ideally i want to capture by 1 partitioning both faces (using partition and pattern), but i cant make it for some reason.


      3. while i open in mechanical the same model with partitions, some of the partitions are missing, there is an intersecting metal part without 0 gap to my part(face), can it be an issue why sometimes faces (partitioned faces) are clearly shown sometimes not?


      4. why mistake incorrect geometry/boundary conditions is shown while I am trying to solve the model that I reopen (there I had a few changes in the model itself) and in this model part of the structural analysis inputs were supppresed,

      Please see pics


      thank you

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