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General Mechanical

ANSYS Mechanical Workbench HPC – Unable to start the Mechanical editor.

    • aaronferia28


      I am trying to run ANSYS Mechanical using Workbench in the HPC. On my desktop computer the file runs without errors, however, when I try to run the file in the HPC I get the following error:

      "Fatal error: Update failed for the Setup component in Static Structural. Unable to start the Mechanical editor."

      Does anybody knows how to fix this problem?



    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Aaron Can you let us know about the "HPC"?
      Is this a Cluster? Are you using a Scheduler? If so, what scheduler? LSF, Microsoft?
      Supported Schedulers:
      How are you submitting job to the HPC? Are you using RSM? Can you paste the contents of the RSM Job log?
      Please paste the contents istead of attaching a file as we are not permitted to open files.

      Thank You Geo
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