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ANSYS member limits for attachments

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Admins,

      I've read a couple of comments some Admins have made in posts in various discussions about the limited ability you have to answer questions. I understand you can't open Workbench Project archive files and run models.  Are you able to open other attachments such as jpg, zip or txt files or are you not permitted to open any attachment? 

      The reason I ask is that some students include an image attachment that explains their problem and I have spent time putting that image inline into a reply so you can see it, assuming from some comments that you couldn't open the attachment. Let me know if I should continue doing that or if it is not necessary.




    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Peter,

        We are allowed to open images but we are not allowed to download any ANSYS generated files. So, from the post description, if we know that the attachment is an image many of us do go ahead and open them but if we can't tell if the file is an image we tend to avoid. 

        There is currently an Enhancement request to be able to view the extension of the attached file and hopefully, it will get implemented soon. Until then, please help us out whenever you can. The best way forward is to encourage users to use the in-line picture or preformatted text options, I will also post some general best-practices that we will use in our signature going forward that might limit this problem for you.




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