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    • tongfang.fu

      Hi everyone,

      I"m recently using an acedemic license of ANSYS Mecahnical, but I cannot find the ANSYS Motion module on ANSYS Workbench and it is also not included in Extension manager... Could you please tell me how to get access to it?

      Best regards

    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @tongfang.fu,
      You can find the details of the applications included in the Ansys Academic version as follows - Download Ansys Student | Workbench-based Simulation Tools 
       Extensions/ Add ons can be found in Ansys Store for specific products. You can add the Ansys Motion add-on from the following link-  Ansys Store Ansys MotionV2020.2 created by Ansys Inc.

      Hope this helps!
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