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Ansys Not using available resources (RAM, CPU, GPU)

    • dean.darnell

      Hello All

      I am running the most recent Ansys workbench and HFSS on 64 bit windows 10. I have 8 2.4 GHz cores, 16 processors,128 GB RAM, a 500 GB SSD HD, and a Radon RX580 8GB graphics card installed on the machine. When I run a stress test on the computer it uses most of the resources available to it. However, when running ANSYS it never uses more than ~20% CPU, 2-3GB RAM, and 3% GPU according to Task Manager. It would seem that I have something configured incorrectly, any ideas? 

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee


      I can only recommend to turn off hyperthreading, the rest would be best to ask in Physics Simulation -> Electromagnetics  section. I would recommend to include your analysis settings in HPC and Analysis options as well as the details of your project (analysis type, size, etc.) in your new thread.



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Another thing to consider: ANSYS tools (typically) will use resource as needed. Not sure why it's not using more cpu (check parallel assignment) but depending on model size I wouldn't expect to max out RAM. 

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