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Ansys on M1 MacBook Pro – Fortran Error

    • Daniel Oviedo


      I've had Ansys running on my M1 Macbook pro using parallels for a while now. Recently, I've been having a problem with static structural. Whenever I open mechanical to run a simulation, the geometry is missing:


      If I ignore it and try to run the simulation anyway, I get this error:




      This is Ansys 2022 R3, because the 2023 versions were giving me this error as well as an OpenGL incompatibility error. I've tried reinstalling Ansys, reinstalling my entire Windows 11 VM, and installing microsoft visual c++ redistributable from several years, as well as Intel fortran. Is this just inevitable because I'm running it through Parallells? If so, why did it work in the past?? Is there a way I can get it to work again?



    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      Fluent and Redhawk are the only programs supported on the ARM CPU.
      Please see the following post for more information.

      Testing is not done on parallels.

      That being said, a coupe items to check:
      Rename the %APPDATA%\Ansys\v2##  to v2##.old then try to run.
      Also, check your PATH
      Open a DOS Command prompt and type in:

      set PATH
      This will display your PATH.
      make sure it starts with:

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