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ANSYS optiSlang with job queuing

    • agarwa20

      I am using optiSlang in a server on which job queuing will be implemented. Will I be able to use optiSlang with queuing?

    • Joe Peric


      I am helping Aniruddha with this issue and I am his on-premisis technical contact.

      We are looking to implement SLURM for job queueing but it seems that it is not possible to include this product as the solver cannot be invoked from the terminal and the program doesn't support X11 forwarding which would apparnetly make queuing possible.

      Any advice would be helpful.


    • Mangesh Bhide
      Ansys Employee
      1. “Can I run Optislang from command line / batch? Yes. please refer Batch mode at ” Solver environment and options can be configured or scripted to be submit solve to the compute resources allocated by the scheduler.
      2. other option: Optislang need not necessarily run on the scheduler nodes and could run out of the scheduler environment on a resource with graphics. The solvers in the optimization loops could leverage the compute in the scheduler. For this in some cases it will be possible to use “out of the box” RSM to slurm depending upon solver being used (see ). 
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