Process Integration and Design Optimization

Process Integration and Design Optimization

ANSYS Optislang


    • jamie.fuery.2018
      Hi everyone, I'm trying to add Optislang optimization to my project schematic in the parameter set 'box'. After I double click (or drag) the optimization into the project schematic, workbench says 'busy' inn the bottom left and after about 20 seconds it does not add to the schematic and acts as if nothing has happened. Anyone got any clues/fixes for this? Thanks in advance.
    • Markus
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Jamie123, 

      the Problem you describe here might be related to a Licensing update with 21R2.
      So, you can update your Licenses or use an optiSLang Version 21R2.1 or later?

      Best regards,

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