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Discovery Import

Ansys Reactivation on other Device


    • luis.garcia2
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      Hi Ansys Team


      Hope you are well. I am experiencing the issue again. This time I deactivated the license from a PC where it was running and now am trying to activate it on another device. Is there a delay on when the system registers that the license has been removed before you are able to reactivate it again? 


      I am getting the message. "All entitlements have been activated for id - Act-8e271d7c-b9cd-4e85-99e7-b8bf8f2b4dab"

      Even though I have already deactivated the license from the other device. 

      Email of the user is

      Please let me know if you need any more information. 


      Luis G

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Luis Garcia

      Activation- deactivation could take some time to process. 
      Although on the Activation Id (and email id) you have mentioned, two devices have been activated.

      Do you still face any issues with Discovery? Or is it running now?

    • luis.garcia2

      Hi Subashni, 


      Thanks for your answer. 

      Still not activating. This morning we had to instances of Ansys running on 2 devices. Now after the deactivation it's only running on one and I am still unable to activate on the new one. 


      Are you able to see the device name of where it is still active? That way I can track down where the issue may be. 

      Thanks again. 

    • luis.garcia2

      Hi Any thoughts? 


      Thank you.

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