Ansys Redhawk How To Probe Routing Layers During Dynamic Simulation

    • Mark Lee

      Application Family: Semiconductors

      Application: RedHawk

      Product Version: 2022R2

      OS: Linux

      Summary: Unable to probe internal signals aside from VDD/VSS: Is this possible with RedHawk?


      I am using RedHawk for simulation of my silicon IC design. I have been reading through the user manual and can not see a way to set virtual probes at internal routing wires to see their voltage/current over time. The only wires I can probe are the VDD/VSS rails, even though I load my entire post-PNR (Place-and-Route) design into the tool, and it says there are no errors.

      I am still relatively new to using this tool, so I want to ask if this is desired behavior? How can I see the voltage/current versus time of arbitrary nodes in the circuit?

      Any technical support regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


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