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Ansys remote solver manager user

    • lennartm

      I have strange problem. It seems that the server somehow is running jobs under an user account. For me Ansys works but for others not.

      If I run a test job through RSM configuration it fails.

      JobType is: SERVERTEST
      Final command platform: Windows
      RSM_PYTHON_HOME=C:Program FilesANSYS Incv212commonfilesCPython3_7winx64Releasepython
      Distributed mode requested: True
      Running 5 commands
      Job working directory: C:Usersserver_accountAppDataLocalTempRsmConfigTest	c4xbtww.1dq
      Number of CPU requested: 1
      AWP_ROOT212=C:Program FilesANSYS Incv212
      Testing writability of working directory...
      C:Usersserver_accountAppDataLocalTempRsmConfigTest	c4xbtww.1dq
      If you can read this, file was written successfully to working directory
      Writability test complete
      Checking queue FullSpeed exists ...
      JobId was parsed as: 44
      Job submission was successful.
      Job was not run on the cluster. Check the cluster logs and check if the cluster is configured properly.

      Arcnode log

      2022-03-16 16:39:58 [INFO] RunWindowsProcess Is System Account
      2022-03-16 16:39:58 [INFO] Running job 44 as DASTUDuser_account from NT AUTHORITYSYSTEM

      The arcnode process should run it as server_account and not user_account I think. Seems a bit strange. How can I change this?

      (account names changed for privacy and security)


      It seems to be the userproxy process. But what does this do? Other users other than 'user_account' should be able to use RSM as well.

      2022-03-11 10:47:35 [INFO] No UserProxy processes having arguments " -primary DASTUD_user_account" found for account DASTUDuser_account
      2022-03-11 10:47:35 [INFO] Logging on DASTUDuser_account...
      2022-03-11 10:47:35 [INFO] Performing post-logon tasks...
      2022-03-11 10:47:35 [INFO] Caching password with Ansys Rsm Cluster (ARC)...
      2022-03-11 10:47:40 [INFO] password:
      2022-03-11 10:47:40 [INFO] Password cached with ARC.
      2022-03-11 10:47:40 [INFO] Launching UserProxy as: DASTUDuser_account

    • Mangesh Bhide
      Ansys Employee
      Right click in RSM job log to show Debug messages too. then please paste entire RSM job log including debug messages
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