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    • mousa

      This is the summary of the issue

      The issue started when we moved the Ansys license manager from one of researcher Linux server to window 2019 server running Ansys License Manager Version 2022 R2. Same server is running Ansys teaching license successfully.

      The issue was if the researcher tries to run Ansys application with new MS Win 2019 server as the researcher stated:

      I can continue to run the previous simulation like before (Linux server). But when I stop the simulation and try to start a new one, the software shows there is no enough licenses
      When same researcher tries to use server path with port 1055@serverID the software says that format was wrong

      Finally, deactivated the researcher license from MS win server 2019 and activated for another Windows 2016 server running Ansys License manger version 2022 R1. Same server is running teaching licenses with another researcher license successfully.

      Researcher stated: When using MS Win Server 2016, a new error of “CFD solver -level 2“appears


      But good news is the ANSYS HPC license appears in the license preferences. I think it is close to solve the problem.


      We tried most of steps from our end but the number of license is not changing . I open a ticket with Ansys support as you request on Friday.

      I Update the ticket with issue detail and history very early today. But I did get any response so far.

       License's owner researcher is getting only 4 instead of the 128 licenses.

      The issue is very critical as stated before and It hinders researcher work.

      Please we need Ansys resolution ASAP. You can call me directly any time if find resolution.



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