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Ansys RSM(ARC) credential error


    • song0017


      I have configured and am using the ANSYS RSM (ARC) system.

      However, there is a problem with storing the credentials of the nodes on the master computer.

      Saving the password using 'arccredentials -a node1\administrator' on the master computer works normally for a certain period of time (several hours).

      However, after a certain amount of time, errors related to the credentials between the master and the node occur.

      The following is a log when an error occurs.


      472    2023-04-13 AM 10:24:04    Info                Error: System.Security.SecurityException: Error trying to login as master\Administrator on node1: Username or password is incorrect
      473    2023-04-13 AM 10:24:04       Location: Ansys.Rsm.Utilities.Logon.WindowsLogon.LogonUser(String user, String domain, SecureStringWrapper password, LogonType type, LogonProvider provider, Boolean doRetry)
      474    2023-04-13 AM 10:24:04       Location: Ansys.Rsm.Utilities.Logon.WindowsLogon.LogonUser(String currentUser, String user, String domain, PasswordEntry credentials, LogonType type, LogonProvider provider, Boolean doRetry, IDictionary`2 environment)
      475    2023-04-13 AM 10:24:04       Location: Ansys.Rsm.Arc.Core.Logon.LogonUtilities.LoginUser(PasswordEntry credentials, GenericLogon logon, String workingDirectory, IDictionary`2 environment)
      476    2023-04-13 AM 10:24:04       Location: Ansys.Rsm.Arc.Node.NodeHandler.TryLoginAndStartWindowsProcess(ILaunchProcess processData, PasswordEntry credentials, Tuple`2 applicationAndArguments, Boolean quoteArguments, JobKillHandle stopHandle, CommandLineCommand& command, IExternalOperationResults& externalOperationResults)


      Also, when an error occurs, storing the credentials of one node using the 'arccredentials' command will make the other nodes work properly as well.

      How can i solve this problem?

      Thank you.

    • Mangesh Bhide
      Ansys Employee

      verify that Active Directory in use or central authentication so same credentials can access all resources.

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