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Ansys running much slower than before

    • matdipa

      Hi guys, I'm new here!

      I have a problem with the student version of Ansys. I have run the same simulation (a structural mechanics analysis) on the same computer 5 months apart and in both cases I obtained identical results. The only difference was the version used:

      • In october I used Ansys 2021R2 and the simulation time was about 9 hours;
      • today (march 2022 and Ansys 2022R1) it took about 21 hours.

      Obviously, in both cases there was only Ansys running on my PC during the simulations, so there wasn't any problem correlated with other programs.

      Have any of you experienced a problem like this? Could it be only due to the version used or there could be other valid reasons?

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      Can you check your virus software.
      Try shutting it down and then run. It may be scanning the solver files.
    • matdipa

      Good morning, thanks for the answer!
      I tried shutting down the virus software as you suggested, but my simulation continue to run very slowly (there is not any appreciable difference). It's very strange, because even changing the number of cores used (from 2 to 4) I can't reach the simulation time of the first time (when I used only 2 of them).
      Is there anything else I can check?
    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      How's the RAM usage and disc space looking?
    • matdipa
      Hi, during the simulation I have these informations:

      If there are other preciuous information that could be important, i will post them.
      Let me know, thanks in advance.

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