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Ansys Scripting – Add Force along Cylindrical surface

    • aldamo

      Hi All,

      So i have to add a 4000N force over the selected surface. I'm currently able to identify the surface and select the magnitude, but I have problems with the force direction. The code I wrote is the following:

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      To use these directions just use the record option inside the scripting console, and see how it works.
      For instance to define it in the x direction would be:

      threadForce = ExtAPI.DataModel.Project.Model.Analyses[0].AddForce
      threadForce_scoping = ExtAPI.SelectionManager.CreateSelectionInfo(SelectionTypeEnum.GeometryEntities)

      threadForce_scoping.Ids = [4]

      threadForce.DefineBy = LoadDefineBy.Components

      threadForce.Location = threadForce_scoping


    • aldamo
      Thanks EriK!
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