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Ansys solver issue

    • Mkr

      Hello, We have a student trying to run a simulation on our HPC system. She is getting the following  when Ansys is trying to run the pcg solver:

       ***** FATAL ERROR *****

       Call to fAnsMemAlloc with negative length=     -1742176960

       This is probably due to an integer overflow in

        the calculation of the block size.

       The data type is=  1 and the block name= SFLoadFlag    

       A traceback follows

      Can anyone please offer any advice on this and some possible solutions to try.

      We are running using smp across 64 nodes with 2TB memory allocation. The db model has already been created and boundary conditions assigned. The model size is 98GB. The ansys script simply resumes the model (this seems to be fine) and tries to solve it. We have checked the BC's and there is no rigid body motion.

      Any help is greatly appreciated!



    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      Can we suggest to try and split the load up (SF commands) so to have multiple SF commands (instead of one) as this might be one of the reasons.

      All the best

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