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3D Design

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Ansys Space claim blending error

    • amitt515

      Hi everyone,

      when I try to do a custom curvature over the base of my geometry in Space Claim through the blend tool, the software is unable to blend/connect two of the faces. It brings up an errors saying:

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      For blend tool, it is good have more guide curves. nCan you please make sure you have more guide curves. nI assume you are selecting faces in blend tool to create a solid. Please check if you can select edges and create surfaces. Then you can stitch faces together to create a solid. nInstead of creating a single large face, please check if you can create it in 2-3 patches. nAlso please check if you can use combination of other commands like revolve using pull and then split it by plane etc. nRegards,nKeyurnHow to access Ansys Online Help DocumentnHow to show full resolution imagenGuidelines on the Student CommunitynHow to use Google to search within Ansys Student Communityn
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