Ansys SPEOS- Diffusion Coefficient of a fluorescence

    • Dona

      When creating a Fluorescent material in Ansys SPEOS I have to input the Scattering variation graph which is the diffusion coefficient (mm-1). The corresponding data I have are related are in ‘Mean Free Path’ of the fluorescent material. I have read all user guide document which are provided by the Ansys and found out that "Laboratory Optical Measurement Device User's Guide" in page 76 mentions that, Lowering the mean free path results in greater diffusion coefficient. This is the only place that mentions the relationship between diffusion coefficient[mm-1] of the software and the mean free path[mm]. I currently have the experimental values for the Mean free Path (MFP) and I need to get the diffusion coefficient to input it to the Ansys SPEOS software to simulate the model.

      Can I assume the software consider, Diffusion coefficient[mm-1]= 1/ mean free path[mm] or if the diffusion coefficient is inversely proportional to MFP. If so, what would be the constants / equation. As the Ansys software consider diffusion coefficient in the units of mm-1, I would like to seek help on what would the diffusion coefficient equation that is used in the software.

      If anyone is able to help me with this question, I would gladly appreciate it. If my question is unclear, please let me know. I will try to explain it again.

      Thank You

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