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Ansys Student Installation with Errors – Urgent

    • JessG


      I've posted this question a week ago with no outcome, however, it is now becoming urgent so I'd appreciate any help! :)

      I've been trying to install Ansys Student 2021 R1 as well as 2020 R2 for a couple times now, but it always gave me the following error message:

      "The installation completed with warnings/errors. Review any .err or .log files in: C:Program FilesANSYS IncANSYS Student"

      I've pasted parts of the content of the .err file below (quite a bunch of errors so too long to paste the entire thing; they do seem to be repetitive though):

      ###### Error #######

        Error executing configuration script 'C:UsersJGAppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp49144configAnsConfigCommon.tcl'

        '"C:UsersJGAppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp49144 clinwinx64 clsh.exe" "C:UsersJGAppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp49144configAnsConfigCommon.tcl" -installdir "C:Program FilesANSYS IncANSYS Student" -rev 211 -dotrev 2021 R1 -scripttosource "C:UsersJGAppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp49144configConfigCommon.tcl" -sourcedir "C:UsersJGAppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp49144" -os_lang de -install ' terminated after 1 attempts with the following error(s): 

          Unknown error

        Exit Code: 1

        child process exited abnormally

          while executing

        "exec $cmdPath -install "$qaServicesEnabled_Arg""

          invoked from within

        "if { $config == 1 || $unconfig == 1 } {

         set config_dir "$installDir\v$revn\commonfiles\configs\winx64"

         set ANSYSLIC_DIR "$installDir\shared..."

          (file "C:UsersJGAppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp49144configAnsConfigCommon.tcl" line 27)

      Any help is much appreciated!

      Many thanks,


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      One for or but whilst they're still asleep, did you unzip the downloaded installer and run as admin?
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