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Ansys student version and Ansys Twin Builder

    • Takamitsu Koyano

      Hello, please forgive me for asking this fundamental question.

      I am new to this software and I just started using the Ansys software for the research as student. I am currently having few questions regarding to the software install and product, and would be wonderful I could clarify before proceeding.

      1. I have tried to download the Ansys Electronics Desktop Student, but somehow when the install was finished the desk top shortcut is the one of the Ansys Electronics Desktop but when I open the software it states Ansys Twin Builder Student. I am not sure what went wrong and is this something related to the default setting or some sort? (The computer desktop also have an icon of the Ansys Twin Builder student and when I tried to open it did contain the Ansys Twin Builder student as normally, I am not sure why I have two icon-short cut and both contains Ansys Twin Builder Student and not Ansys Electronics Desktop Student)
      2. Also I am trying to simulate the rectangular waveguide that has a pin feed in the middle, and connect to the signal generating circuit. My do think I need to do the co-simulating but I am not sure if Twin Builder Student is better or Electronics Student is better.

      Sorry for the many confusion, wordiness.


      Again thank you so much for help


    • Anchal Singh
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Takamitsu,

      Here are the possible solutions/suggestions for your queries:

      1. Open AEDT Student (for your case it will open the Twin Builder interface), and click on Tools > Options > General Options. In the 'Desktop Configuration' settings, select 'All' for 'Set Targeted Configuration' and 'Default' for 'Custom Menu'. Click OK and restart the AEDT Student 2023R2.
      2. There is an awesome AIC course on rectangular waveguide simulation in Ansys HFSS. You may find it here - Waveguide Simulation Using Ansys HFSS | Ansys Innovation Courses. Also, there is one example aedt file, pre-loaded with AEDT, that you may find helpful - Open Examples > HFSS > RF Microwave > Coax2Waveguide.aedt 


      Hope this will help you.


      Best regards,


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