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    • bobby

      Hello guys,


      Does anyone know about the tutorial how to design tubular (cylinder) single lap joint in Ansys?

      I have searched the related tutorial on youtube but it still can't answer my problem.

      If you know or you can, please contact me by email :

      I really need your help. Thank you


      I attach picture here to give you an illustration. 

    • peteroznewman

      Hello bobby,

      What loads do you have to apply to that structure?

      1) Draw the geometry in a CAD system. If you have no CAD system, then start with SpaceClaim. Create a component for the larger pipe, and create that solid body, create a component for the smaller pipe and create that solid body. Then create a component for the joint filler, and create that solid body.

      2) Bring that Geometry into a Static Structural analysis. Mesh it, apply loads and supports.  Create contacts between the bodies. Solve. Review results.

      Note: ANSYS staff are not permitted to open attachments, so please Insert Image directly into the post.

    • bobby

      Hello Peteroznewman,

      Thank you for replying my question.

      I would like to apply dynamics load to that structure so I will do modal analysis. 

      I've tried to draw geometry in Ansys, but it's hard for me how to make 3 parts then connect them together?


      *by the way the picture that you sent to me was same with my 2D sketch problem

    • peteroznewman

      You have to spend some time learning the SpaceClaim CAD system. There are tutorials here.

      Send the values for R, c, L, t1, t2 and t3 so I can show you.

    • bobby

      Yes sir thank you for your advice. Currently, I spend my time to learn about the SpaceClaim CAD system.


      here the values for that design :

      R= 12.5 mm

      c= 20 mm

      L= 250 mm

      t1= 1.0 mm

      t2= 1.0 mm

      t3= 0.2 mm


      thank you in advance for your help.

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