Ansys Twinbuilder HPC Settings Multiple Design Variations

    • hassa124

      Good morning,

      I have a small issue when it comes to the HPC Settings within Ansys. I understand that you can run different variations in parallel to each other using Maxwell 2D. However when I try the same situation in Ansys Twinbuilder, I can only get 1 or 2 variations, never more than that.

      Is there a way to increase the number of Optimetric variations being run in Twinbuilder (6, 8, or even 10 variations at once)? Running multiple variations in parallel can save alot of time and energy in the long run.

      For reference, there are two pictures below. The first picture is in Ansys Maxwell 2D and can run 10 variations at once. The second is from Ansys Twinbuilder which can only do 2 varariations at once. I'd like my Twinbuilder to have 10 variations instead of 2.

      The HPC settings are the same between the two; 10 tasks with 18 cores used.




    • Howard
      Ansys Employee

      Hello hassa124,

            Could you share the HPC setting?  Do you define how many tasks are for Twin Builder? 

            Please set 10 Task when "Design type" is Twin Builder in HPC setting. Thanks.


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