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ANSYS Two-Way FSI Error: Update failed for the Solution component in System Coupling

    • andizhou

      Hi Everyone

      I am a newbie to ANSYS, so I apologize in advance of some stupid questions I might ask. R

      ecently, I am trying to perform a coupled-simulation between Transient Structural and Fluent to simulate the phenomenon of fin fluttering. However, whenever I start the system coupling, I receive the following error:

      Update failed for the Solution component in System Coupling.  The coupling service did not write the remoting configuration file \ REV 5ANSYS Fluent Sample_filesdp0SCSCscServer.scs after 600 seconds.  Unable to connect solvers to coupling service.

      I have searched almost everywhere on the web and cannot find anyone that are encountering the same problem as me. My coupling configuration is set up as below, note that the lines connecting set ups are pink, in contrary to the blues that I have seen. Such phenomenon is also quite unknown to me. 

      My system coupling

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