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    • Don Van Huyck
      I am working with ansys to do large batches of runs using CFX through Workbench on a super computer as a graduate student.
      In order to accomplish this I am using scripts written in iron python through the command line to run simulations in batch mode via the syntax
      runwb2 -R script.wbjn -B
      In the past this system was effective but recently I have been reviving an error when I run batches that are too large. This error is caused by tripping an exception.
      This error only occurs when I am running many simulations simultaneously, typically around 48. And it typically only occurs in some of them allowing the others to proceed normally, though it can occur in all of them. It is not totally consistent.
      From my attempts to research this problem online I have learned that it may have to do with licencing as well as the v130 <-- where 130 can be other numbers apparently file in the Ansys folder normally located in the appdata folder of windows, the super computer runs lynix though so I cant find that folder.
      Are there any ideas on what I should look into to further diagnose the problem?
      Thanks and have a nice day.
    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      The APPDATA folder can be found by browsing to:

      This is where you will see the v130...v221..etc folders.

      To check if it's licensing, on the machine where the run fails,  browse to:

      You will see licdebug files for the runs. Check those for any errors.

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