ANSYS v19.1 Characteristic mode analysis

    • asimghalib

      Dear all   Currently, I am running a characteristic mode simulation for a mobile geometry at 2 GHz. The machine has a RAM of 64 GB and is having Intel Xeon Processor. The mesh settings were default. The simulation started successfully but during the simulation, I encountered the following error. "Out of memory" and the simulation stopped. This error shall not happen as I have enough space at RAM and then at the hard drive. To encounter this problem I reduced the mesh density to the least and then the simulation ended successfully. What about the credibility of these results at such reduced mesh density?  

      Now I am running the CMA analysis of the same geometry at 30 GHz, for the only one frequency point, adaptive passes disabled, mesh density reduced to the minimum but the simulation is running for more than 3 days and then crashes automatically. Is there a problem with the latest updated ANSYS 19.1? or am I doing something wrong? I need feedback.

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Asim, I believe you mean Modal analysis? Can you please post a couple of snapshots to explain your problem along with the settings? 

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