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General Mechanical

ANSYS WB hyperelastic curve fit, can I disable one curve of the three deform modes in SS plot?

    • tyyang

      Hi there,

      I only have uniaxial and shear test data to input into ANSYS for curve fit. After doing so, the Stress-Strain plot shows a calculated biaxial curve which I don't want to include in my analysis. Does anyone know if I can disable that curve? Or ANSYS will not include that curve in analysis by default since there is no test data backing it?

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee
      The curve fit calculates coefficients for the strain energy density function based on the experimental data that is presented (in your case uniaxial and shear).You will always get the predicted behavior in all three modes of loading. The resulting biaxial curve, in your case, just represents how the material will respond in compression for these calculated coefficients. Since you didnÔÇÖt include any experimental data for biaxial loading, its validity is uncertain. However, it is still helpful information. It helps you understand the limits of these calculated coefficients, in all three modes of loading, and what load scenarios might produce a mathematically unstable response.
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