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Ansys Workbench & APDL & Reinforced Concrete

    • abdalla

      Dear Staff

       Many Greetings 

      Please I have some questions related to ANSYS:

      1- Can the user completely dispensed the using of classic APDL by using workbench(because has friendly interface than APDL), or by other meaning if workbench contains all materials & element which found in APDL? right or wrong?

      2-  I want to know if that Ansys APDL will be deleted and added to workbench in the next versions or not? Please tell me in details. Thanks 

      2- Can the user model reinforced concrete beam in Workbench strengthened with GFRP sheets & showing the de-bonding between concrete & GFRP after nonlinear analysis & also, show the cracks in concrete? I need tutorial for this case.

      3- HOW to adjust  the different parameters in Dynamic/Explicit  in workbench, i.e.  , for example, if the rate of loading on the concrete beam experimentally was 0.05 mm/sec. and the max. deflection was 50 mm, hence how to do  for modeling this beam dynamically  rather than statically in workbench?

    • peteroznewman

      1. I never learned Classic APDL, I only use Workbench and have done so for the last 4 years. On rare occasions, I will insert some APDL commands into the Workbench model using a Command Object.

      2. APDL is what Workbench creates behind the scenes to send to the solver. That is how it will continue to work.

      2. Yes, you can model a reinforced concrete beam.  Yes you can model cracking, though that is not always the most important feature of a load to failure simulation. Use the Search feature on this site to find discussions on these topics.

      3. Simulating beams loaded to failure is typically done with a Static Structural model. A center pusher body can be configured to be in contact with the beam and move downward by 50 mm.  Time is not relevant in this situation but "time" is used to keep track of how much of the 50 mm has been applied with the full 50 mm applied at an arbitrary 1 second. The solver will apply the 50 mm in many small increments obtaining convergence at each increment on the way to full load.

    • Thippesh
      Respected Sir,nAs a beginner to Ansys i would like to know how to give connection between steel reinforcement and a concrete! (any references, links, videos please attach)ncurrently am working on my thesis, stuck between analysis with RC wall please help me with above request.nThanks in advance. n
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