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Ansys workbench giving same results even after changing the values of solid65 cm


    • dominic t

      Hi, I'm working on a non-linear analysis of reinforced concrete beam and i need to model two beams with M20 grade and M25 grade concrete and the rebar diameter needs be changed in each beam.


      I'm using Solid65 and link180 element for modelling as I need crack pattern of the beam, i used the solid65 command with M20 grade concrete properties and i thought it worked and later when i changed the command for M25 grade concrete its executing the command but the results are same as that of M20 grade concrete. In case of link180 element i want to change the diameter of the bar and im not able do that.



      can you please help me out

    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee

      Did you mean solid265? Solid65 is the older concrete element type but it does not use link180 for rebar definition. Is it discrete reinforcement you are using? The documentation at gives helpful examples.

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