ANSYS Workbench Mechanical Solver problem after saving

    • Markuss1

      In my project, I recognized, that the solver fails to run, once my projects are saved (error message below). As long as I work on an unsaved project, the solver starts and finishes as expected without any warnings or errors and I can restart the solver as often as I want to. In the moment I save it, not important if I do it immediately after creating a new project or after finishing the solving process, I cannot restart the solver, which means that I have to start a whole new project to tweak details in my model. I mostly worked with modal analysis and transient analysis, but I tried some others just to see, if it has something to do with the certain modules; it doesn’t.


      In english: An error occurred during the start of the solver module. Please refer to the


      (In english: An error occurred during the start of the solver module. Please refer to the “Troubleshooting” section in the ANSYS Mechanical User Guide.)


      Unfortunately the Troubleshooting section in the ANSYS MUG couldn’t enlighten me in any way for this one.


      Possible Explanation: I am working in my university’s computer system, hence the data structure is a little complicated: Whilst working on an unsaved file, the project lies in the “Temp” folder, which is on drive E:, but the individual accounts are situated on the Z: Drive, which is where the projects get saved. I can imagine, that either the access for the program could be different for the different files or the Computer refers to a different working memory, which is possibly to small to solve the simulation (Unlikely, since one of my models is so small, that every working memory should be able to solve it).


      Does anyone have any insight for me or any way to get around the problem?


      Thanks in advance!

    • peteroznewman

      FEA models should always be solved on a local drive and never on a network drive. The reason is the very large difference in the speed of reading and writing of data. I don't know that ANSYS prevents solving on a network drive, I never tried it.

      Can you save your project to the local E:Temp folder at the start of a project? 

      I suggest you do all the solving on that local E: drive and only when you are finished, create a project archive .wbpz file on the E:Temp folder, then copy that .wbpz file to the network Z: drive.  When you want to do some revisions on that project, you must copy the .wbpz file back to the E:Temp file and restore the archive onto the E:Temp folder and do your editing and solving and repeat the archive process and copying the new archive back to the Z: drive when you are done.

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