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ANSYS Workbench-Network UNC path error

    • akeivane

      When I want to start my analysis I receive the following error message:

      An error occurred while starting the solver module. Verify that your solver directory does not reside on a network UNC Path. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section in the ANSYS Mechanical User Guide for more information. 

      Do you guys know how to solve this issue?

    • peteroznewman

      The solver will only use local storage while it is running because network storage is too slow. By default, the solver will use the same storage where the model is saved.

      If your model is stored on a local drive such as C: (or D: or E: where there is a second local drive), then the solver will not give an error. The simplest way to avoid this error is to create a folder on the C: drive such as C:ansysdata and save your model to that folder for editing and solving.

      If you are using a Lab computer, after the solve is complete, you can create an archive then copy the .wbpz file to your network storage. The next time you need to use that model, copy the .wbpz back to C:ansysdata and restore the archive to that folder.

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