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ANSYS Workbench Solution does NOT work

    • Sereno

      Hi everybody! I have a problem with ANSYS Workbench Solution. Actually it seems to be no problem, since any error message is shown. I normally create a geometry on SpaceClaim and then it is attached on Mechanical and I simply follow all the steps to do to get to the final results (connections, mesh, static structural,...). I also created a path related to the beam of the simple portal that I'm modeling. I get all the green check marks and when I finally run the solution, it gets stuck and it says "Building Mathematical model..." but it doesn't go on. No error message is displayed. Does anyone have any suggestion to solve this problem? I report an image of the situation. 

      Thank you for your help!


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      How is the object fixed in place?

    • Rohith Patchigolla
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Sereno, 

      Can you try re-running the simulation by Switching off Distributed (In Mechanical, Tools --> Solver Process Settings --> Advanced --> Uncheck the box next to Distribute Solution (if possible))?

      Best regards,


    • davide86
      Hi rgpatchi,nnI had a very similar problem to the one shown by Sereno and your solution did work thanks! nMay I ask you what's the issue? I would like to fix it because I would like to still use parallel cpus for reduced computational time....nnI use windows 10, Nvidia Quadro P1000 and ANSYS 18.1.n
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