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Ansys Workbench Solution Problem

    • sina_khm


      I am using the student version of ANSYS Mechanical version 18.2.  I am trying to solve a problem for a structure with ABS properties by using Static Structure module. However, the solution gets stuck at "Preparing the mathematical model" and there is no progress for a long time. It seems the solution is routing between "Preparing the mathematical model" and "Solving the mathematical model". This happens even when I am providing fixed support to the structure from  one end and load at the other end. I have attached the image of my structure and the message that is popping up.  


      I have no idea what to do about this.If someone can help me figure this out this would be great! I need help! 


      Thank you






    • peteroznewman
      nYou can get an idea by reading some posts that had the same problem you have.n
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