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Ansys workbench structural analysis error


      I created a laminated spur gear in solidworks 2013 version and save it as parasolid format then it is imported into ansys structural analysis. I choose 4 material (20MnCr5, PEEK 450G, EN24 Steel and AlSiC). After applying all the boundary conditions i didn't get any answer. Anyone please help me to solve this problem. The model is attached here. Please take a look and tell me what are the changes needed for this model.

    • Akshay Maniyar
      Ansys Employee

      Can you please check your model properly. As you can see there are many warnings and one error message.
      1) Please check materials. (error message)
      2) Please check contacts, there might be issue with gaps or penetration which you have to address.
      You can check below course created by experts which can help you to understand and eliminate some errors.
      regards amaniyar
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