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ANSYS Workbench Worksheet Command ENFOSUM/ENMOSUM

    • Eric Smith



      I am looking to find the equivalent ANSYS APDL Command to the ANSYS Workbench Worksheet command ENFOSUM (ENMOSUM) with unaveraged results. I am currently running a harmonic analysis via modal summation. Thus far, the closest I have been able to come to finding the equivalent is the PLESOL,F,(X,Y,Z) and then find the resultant. However, when issuing PLESOL commands to obtain the results (further using *get to find the maximum at specific nodes), my analysis script takes forever to run due to the plotting constraint. Thus, I would like to expedite this process.


      As far as I am aware, FSUM and NFORCE do not work for this investigation. Also, I do not believe I can run plesol commands via batch and then interrogate the contour with the *get command.


      Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Eric,

      I just did a very simple test. The numerical values I see in ENFO,SUM and ENFO,VECTORS post processing objects in Mechanical are identical to the numbers I get with the NFORC command. You can create a static image with a post processing command object... /show,png $/pbc,nfor,,1 $/pnu,node,1 $eplot. I tried /pnum,sval,1 - the numerical values of the nodal forces did not appear on the static image as I had hoped, but with nodes shown in the plot of nodal forces, I could compare the static MAPDL imag, the NFORCE listing, and the ENFO,VECTORS image created by Mechanical. From where I sit, they all seem to be in agreement.



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