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ansys2022r1 parallel solution error

    • chen guo

      piexec -np 10 "D:\ASS160_x64\anzhuang\ANSYS Inc\v160\ANSYS\bin\winx64\lsdyna_mpp_sp_msmpi.exe" i=3D.K map=2dto3d MEMORY=999M MEMORY2=600M


      Submit the command with the bat file, it can run normally in version 16, but it will report an error in version 22

      *** Error 20028 (STR+28initial ale mapping should not be used toread the mapping file which has only datafor the boundary elements. it was createdwith init=0 for boundary ale mapping inthe previous run

    • Jim Day
      Ansys Employee

      I spoke to the developer of *INITIAL_ALE_MAPPING.  He replied,

      "I would say that the 1st integer in the mapping file is not properly read (either it has been created with a double precision executable or the file is somehow corrupted or the file has indeed been created by *BOUNDARY_ALE_MAPPING) ".

      If that doesn't help, if you hold a commercial (non-academic) Ansys/LS-DYNA license, he suggested you provide the input and mes* files for debugging.   Do this by filing a Service Request or by contacting your Ansys Channel Partner.   You can't provide files via the Learning Forum.

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