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ANSYSLI exited or could not read server port anasyscl.mylab.604472.17495

    • Alan

      Good evening all,

      I installed R2021 on a Redhat 8 machine. When I open ANSYS workbench, I got an error message: ANSYSLI exited or could not read server port ansyscl.mylab.604472.17495, where "mylab" is my user name on Redhat 8. The Linux console also shows that "/usr/ansys_inc/v211/licensingclient/linx64/ansyscl: symbol lookup error: /lib64/ undefined symbol: EVP_KDF_ctrl, version OPENSSL_1_1_1b".

      When I open Fluent, a similar message shows up in Fluent consule: "ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR:ANSYSLI exited or could not read server port ansyscl.mylab.605181.19833."

      Some previous threads suggested double-checking prerequisites Linux libraries. I did install all libraries required in the ANSYS documentation.

      I also pinged the license server. It worked fine.

      Anything else I can check to fix this problem? Any suggestions/comments are welcome.



    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      It could be that the Redhat release is using 8.2 or higher libraries.
      It must be 8.1 or lower as there are issues with 8.2 and higher.
      8.1 could also be using 8.2 or 8.3 repositories for library loads.
      I would suggest using 7.x if possible.
      Best Geo
    • Devin_K

      I am in a similar situation and am having the same issue, word for word (with the exception of the username).

      Did using RHEL7 work? I am using a large shared cluster running RHEL6 with some nodes running RHEL8, the RHEL8 ones producing the identical errors. I have the ability to use nodes with RHEL7 by using a container, but it is a lot of additional steps and effort.

      Any feedback on the RHEL7.x suggestion would be a great help.

      Thanks Devin
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