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Antenna array

    • Ines Amor


      I'm trying to simulate a unit cell of an antenna array and sub-sections of it. I added an incident plane wave and I need to simulate the angle of the reflected wave for several cases of incident wave. What kind of simulation should I perform? 

      I did a far field simulation and I was able to generate the electrical field pattern. Is the direction of the major lobe of the E field represents the direction of the reflected wave? 


      Thank you! 

    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee


      You can use wave port, lumped port anf floquet port to simulate finite and infinite antenna array.

      Please go through the AIC courses below for more information on finite and infinite antenna array analysis.

      Ansys HFSS Floquet Port - ANSYS Innovation Courses

      Ansys HFSS Floquet Port - ANSYS Innovation Courses


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